My name is Nita Goldman and I have been quilting since 1999.
I love quilting and I love dragons - hence the site and
company name. And, as you can see, I now have

Baby Quilts are a prime focus of Purple Dragon Quilts. Your
concept or mine- we can make a quilt that will delight that
special baby or child.                

Memory quilts and pillows are becoming a specialty for
Purple Dragon Quilts. I began by doing a quilt of photo
memories for Mom's 80th birthday, and have since
completed various memory quilt commissions: an heirloom
baby quilt comprised of photos of both sides of the family; a
quilt made from a beloved husband's golf hats and towels;
several quilts from the shirts of loved ones; twin baby quilts
made from a departed grandfather's shirts so that his
grandchildren will feel his love around them.

Although I continue to enjoy traditional patterns and styles
for bed quilts and toasty lap throws, I am currently exploring
new directions. I am developing landscape quilts, golf course
and beach scenes and mountain panoramas. Floral wall
hangings in various techniques intrigue me.

I am also working on a series of Sunset and Sunrise quilts.

I am experimenting with thread painting and surface fabrics and new techniques.
Quilting is such an exciting art and it is my passion. I plan to
follow all the new paths that open up to me.
Quilter &